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from St Flannans’ Guestbook


S. Faithfull- “First of many visits, I hope.”

I. Revelin- “We have all enjoyed that great circle house.”

M. Schlupp- “Excellent holiday home which accommodated 2 other families who visited us for a weekend.”

M. Follant- “The paintwork and deco is fresh and friendly.”

M. Stoney- “Its design, functionality and warmth are truly inspiring.”

M. Osborn- “Now we know how film stars live.”

M. Banman- “The house is very comfortable and well furnished.”

S. O’Dell- “St Flannans was like coming home.”

M. Boswell- “The house is great with good facilities, especially the dishwasher and washing machine.”

M. Crockett- “Comfortable and relaxing with all our needs and requirements fulfilled.”

N. Ameline- “This is the eighth house we’ve rented in Connemara, and quite the nicest.”

Riders overlooking St Flannans Cottage