Deer Fence For Garden Height

6ft is also tall enough to prevent deer from eating shrubs and trees like arborvitae. If you didn’t know, a deer can jump as high as 8 feet.

Custom Cedar Deer Fencing with Welded Wire 1000 Modern

The interior fence will encompass the garden area.

Deer fence for garden height. Deer have jumped my fence. Clearly, it did not work! But they don't like to because of their poor vision.

Deer can jump an average of 8’ high, but. This deer fence height depends on different factors such as the length of the deer fence and the amount of deer pressure in the area where the fence is installed. In many cases, deer damage to home gardens during the summer can be prevented with a simple electric fence.

If you need to build a deer fence around your garden, use deer fencing made of mesh that measures 1.77 x 1.96 inches. Hilly terrain and flat land each has its challenges. If you have ever seen the movie, the yearling (1946), you know deer are great high jumpers, capable of leaping 8 feet into the air.

Or use the menus on this page to explore our full range of kits, supplies, installation videos, and information; A 6’ high fence can be effective if it’s slanted outward (toward the deer) at about a 45° angle. From there, come out five feet and then fence in the garden and the first fence.

A single, taught piece of white clothes line strung at about a four and a half foot height, about 3 feet inside the perimeter of the whole garden fence. So a fence may not be as high, perhaps six feet, but slanted outward. Deer can jump over 7 feet high;

For very small areas like a 25 x 25 garden area, 6 foot high fences can be adequate in some areas with light deer pressure. This is why it is recommended that installers build deer fence that is 7.5' to 8' feet high. For maximum deer protection, the 7' high type of deer fencing is ideal.

The fence is even more effective if deer can’t see through it. Things to consider before choosing a deer fence. How high can they jump, and how low will they go).

Apparently deer can easily jump a 5 to 6 foot fence. The upside is that you can also use it as a run for dogs or chickens. But it may have been chased by a predatory animal such as a coyote or wolf (it's unknown).

A more robust option is to build dual vegetable garden fences (deer are confused by multiple obstacles). The downside is that it will need to be mowed or weeded. For maximum deer protection, we recommend at least a 7.5’ high deer fence to protect crops from deer damage.

So while installing a fence make sure that it is at least 7 ft. Deer can jump quite high and are able to leap over many obstacles to get to a food source. So make sure that the fence covers the bottom side too.

An electric fence is not a complete physical barrier; For a double fence, install two four foot fences. The deer was heading up a steep fence, so it might have been higher than 7 feet from the deer's point of view.

Now, that was a frightened deer looking to escape. Our deer fence kits have been designed so you can install a commercial grade fence for yourself without hiring a fence contractor or using machinery. Start here to browse all our deer fence kits suitable for gardens;

We recommend a minimum of 7’ high fence for deer fence. This will make a pathway around the garden. They were still having a feast nightly in my garden.

Learn how to build a deer proof fence that works and doesn’t break the bank. A deer fence needs to be 6 to 10 feet tall. Deer generally enters the garden crawling through the opening in the bottom of the fence.

Wood or stone is also an option; 6 feet tall for small areas that deer can walk around (a 25ft by 25ft garden for example) is usually tall enough. It's 7' plastic mesh fencing and when i walked up to that spot, it was clear that the fence wasn't even really sagging between the two trees.

Deer are less likely to jump inside a closed space. Managing deer in a suburban environment can vary greatly from doing so in a rural one; The typical whitetail deer is known to jump well over 8' high.

The designs included have been proven to exclude deer and elk when properly constructed and maintained. After trying many methods that claim to keep the deer out of our vegetable garden, last year we installed a fence around the perimeter of our garden. They will see it as an unreasonable obstacle to safety and it will prevent them from jumping.

Careful experiments done by the usda back around 2010 (see vercauteren et al. Instead, it produces an electric shock that conditions animals to avoid the fence. In one case, a deer jumped a 15’ deer fence;

A deer proof garden fence should be at least 7 feet in height. It was a temporary fence, which was only 5 feet tall. Deer will hesitate to jump over it due to both the height and distance.

Completely removable kits for seasonal protection, fence kits with climb protection, gates of all sizes up to 24 feet wide, wire tensioning, deer fence height up to 10 feet and more. Taller heights work also work well, but anything shorter than 7' high will not work as a deer fence. To choose a style of fence that will work for your garden locale, you need information about the local deer species, their habits, and their capabilities (read:

I recommend an eight foot fence, or if there are height restrictions, double fences spaced four or five feet apart work well. Deer are native creatures of habit and these habits include their patterns of migration and food trails. There are many factors to consider when choosing deer proof fencing.

Single strand electric fences or simple deer mesh are fairly easy control options. The deer will try walking under the fence and meet resistance. The more solid the fence, the less likely deer will be to jump over it.

Deer will jump over common garden fences. Deer may be able to jump high, but not both high and over a distance.

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