Garden Retaining Wall Cost

The average cost to build a retaining wall is between $3,500 to $10,000, with the average homeowner paying about $5,463 for a concrete block retaining wall that is 25 feet long and 4 feet high, fully installed with reinforced concrete footing. We apply a 2 foot thick layer of gravel immediately behind the wall, and this may be even wider for more expansive walls.

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Building a retaining wall around your garden doesn't have to put a strain on your budget.

Garden retaining wall cost. Australia is renowned for its outdoor lifestyle and yet you have an exterior space that you’re not taking. As reported on airtasker, the average cost of building a retaining wall is between: New south wales— $195 and $750.

Since retaining walls are usually not noticeable, and only sometimes visible, many garden owners opt for inexpensive materials. Design, excavation, drainage and other expenses. However, expect to pay more for this retaining wall requires more time, and materials.

Nonetheless, most homeowners report paying between $2,800 and $7,700 with the national average being $5,300. Costs may be driven up by the need for backfilling, excavation, part load changes and if access to site is restricted. On average, a retaining wall costs $4,220.

There will be some variance based on where you live and the type of team you hire. Here's how to calculate the cost for your retaining wall project. How much do retaining walls cost?

A retaining garden wall can be built from different materials and depending on the purpose and function some walls need to be strong and durable, which means that the materials for the construction have to meet certain criteria. Wall block prices fall between $10 and $15 per square foot, while precase, poured concrete runs $20 to $25. Garden wall construction cost per sq mtr for decorative bricks (double skin), inc preparation work, footings and vat etc.

£85 per sq mtr per skin: Gabion retaining wall is easy to install and lasts long. The average homeowner will pay $35 per square foot and spend between $2,450 and $6,650 to build a retaining wall.

They are perfect for containing dirt inside a raised garden. The cost of retaining wall materials ranges from $3 to $40 per square foot. Walls to the rear of a property will often be more expensive due to the fact that bricks and other building material will usually have to be carried into the rear garden adding labour time to the job.

For your garden retaining wall materials, you can expect to pay (for materials and labour): Consider the following retaining wall material and labor rates: Woodblocx™ garden retaining walls are the natural and beautiful choice for landscaping your garden with everything you need supplied directly to your door meaning there are no hidden costs and no need for foundations or substantial groundworks.

Brick retaining walls are a popular choice for landscaping because of the reds and browns in their natural colors. Gold coast— $150 and $350. Retaining walls block costs zip code sq.

£235 per sq mtr per skin: Material choice cost cost & labor Retaining wall cost the average cost of building a retaining wall is $5,587.

Gabion retaining walls, in addition to the purposes mentioned above, are used to prevent soil erosion and improve garden décor. These designs can increase retaining wall cost up to $30 to $40 per square foot. According to, the regulations covering retaining walls in the act are more complex than a simple height maximum.

Cinder block is often not the most desirable choice for a retaining wall since it is not structurally designed for lateral support and to hold the land back, but may be used for short retaining walls. Within 1.5m of a side or rear boundary. Gabion, however, has some significant drawbacks, such as becoming a hiding place for wild plants and weeds to thrive in.

If this is necessary for your project, it will add an average of £269 onto the cost to build a retaining wall, or no more than 17% of the total building project cost. $250 to $350 per square metre for treated timber (pine) $300 to $450 per square metre for treated timber sleepers (hardwood) $300 to $550 per square metre for sandstone blocks. A garden retaining wall is an effective way to prevent soil erosion, and it can be a decorative feature.

Decorative garden wall bricks supply only: Homeowners interested in using natural stone will find that those stones increase the cost to $25 or more per square. Regarding the fee involved with putting up a retaining wall, they will often vary according to the materials and the design.

When you configure the wall the garden space will look better as a result. A brick landscaping retaining wall’s cost is often between $20 and $25 per square foot. Wood retaining walls start at $15 per square foot, while concrete retaining walls start at $20 per square foot.

That's why our stone veneer walls run from $190 to $250 per linear foot. this demonstrates how costs can often be lower due to failure to address the most important part of a retaining wall: The retaining wall in the garden is a fundamental architectural and landscape feature. The following gives you some idea of the total cost for different sizes of wall.

If you live in the act, you must obtain a development approval and hire a structural engineer to design your retaining wall if it will be: The blocx™ themselves are light and easy to handle and building requires no heavy lifting. The cost of a retaining wall depends on the material chosen, the overall height of the wall and the length of the wall.

Most homeowners find themselves spending between $3,190 and $8,670.

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